Fuck me-up-off-NOW

M/New Zealand.
Insta: Kanariddell
Kik: Kanabana
Snapchat: Kanabanawana

Tits, ass, weed and the occasional cat/random gif, no real category, just shit that I like, follow me, I follow back, most of the time ;)

Not all Police are able to use pepper spray. 

Only the seasoned officers can. 

I’ve lost like 3 followers cause I’ve been inactive, and I was going to apologise for such inactivity and I realised 90% of my followers are inactive as well and that’s why I have as much as I do. 

Thanks, guys. 

Do you ever just do the “Where the fuck is my phone? It was in my pocket a minute ago” and realise you’re waving it around like a knob? 

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